Frequently Asked Questions

On the driver's dashboard: If you are standing outside the vehicle and examine the area between the dashboard and the windshield. In the driver's jamb or door, the VIN is typically located on a sticker in this area.

Let's consider the VIN that we mentioned in the introduction as an example. 4Y1SL65848Z411439. When transliterating into numbers, it is 48123658489411439.

You can request a free VIN check from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB),, or Enter your vehicle's number and they will complete the VIN search and provide details on the vehicle. You should make use of several of these websites to obtain the complete image

It is possible to find the VIN within the title. It can be found in various locations, depending on your state, however, it is usually at the top of the title, near the top. Look for your registration ID. The VIN is also on the back of the registration card.

In the majority of cases, it is acceptable to provide your VIN numbers to sell a vehicle. However, this can be advantageous or negative in the manner you intend to sell your vehicle. In general, it is best to provide information about the VIN exclusively to the prospective buyer or a professional dealer.