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6 Questions a Vehicle History Report Can Help You Answer

Used car sales have been on the rise during the last seven years. In 2019 alone, 40.8 million units found new buyers. But while a used car can be an affordable solution for many, a crucial step in any used car purchase is a VIN check.

Vehicle history reports provide a volume of useful information that guides buyers in making the right decision. A quick online VIN lookup might reveal some red flags about the vehicle you intend to buy. In some cases, it can keep you from making a huge mistake.

Here are six questions an online VIN check can help you answer.

1. What is The Vehicle’s Accident History?

There are, on average, six million car accidents recorded in the United States every year. Vehicle history reports can show the number of collisions the car has been involved in, as well as their severity. Online VIN check providers gather data from state DMVs, insurance companies, law enforcement, and repair shops to compile an accident history report. The report may also have documentation of major repairs done on the vehicle following an accident.

2. What is the Auto’s Title History?

A title history lookup can reveal whether the vehicle’s title has been branded. It can point out if the car was ever totaled and rebuilt or was the subject of a lemon law case. A salvage title indicates that an auto insurer classified the vehicle as a total loss, but an individual conducted sufficient repairs to get it back on the road. The title branding may significantly impact the value of the car.

3. How Many Individuals Previously Owned the Vehicle?

Single-owner cars tend to attract higher prices at the dealership than vehicles with multiple owners. Vehicle history reports can help you determine the number of previous car owners. A VIN search with the Nation Insurance Crime Bureau may provide information on whether the vehicle has been reported stolen and has yet to be recovered.

4. Does the Car Have Any Open Recalls?

Part of the car ownership journey is to deal with recall notices from the manufacturer. Some owners tend to ignore the alerts, while other notifications get lost in between ownership changeovers. Vehicle history reports can indicate any recalls issued and whether the car received the necessary repairs.

5. Where and When Was the Vehicle Inspected and Registered?

A VIN search will reveal when the vehicle first entered service, as well as any time it changed ownership. All states require that cars have registrations renewed regularly. The car also undergoes emissions and safety inspections and other checks periodically. An Online VIN report may help point out gaps in the vehicle’s history.

6. What is the Vehicle’s Service History?

Online VIN checks can show service records for major repairs and periodic maintenance. You can access information on simple maintenance services such as oil changes if the shop provides the data to VIN report providers. It can give you a generalized view of how well the previous owner looked after their car.

Comprehensive vehicle history reports are essential for buyers who intend to purchase used cars. Online VIN lookups provide useful information on the car’s condition and value before you drive it off the dealer’s lot. Learn more about any vehicle via the VinHistoryUSA Instant VIN check.