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Why Should I Conduct A VIN Check?

When you buy a new car, chances are that you aren’t actually buying a brand new vehicle fresh off the lot. Most of us buy cars that are used, and with good reason. In fact, almost 40 million used cars are sold every year, between private-party and dealership sales. Cars that are brand new begin to lose value as soon as they leave the dealership, and for that matter are often rather expensive to buy in the first place. This is why it’s important to get the right level of bang for your buck by buying a used vehicle. However, though it will probably be more valuable and certainly more sensible, used cars come with their own quirks and eccentricities. A lot of these have to do with whoever owned the car last. That’s why the old saying is that when you buy a car, you’re also buying the old owner’s problems as well. It can be difficult to know everything that you need to know about a car when you first buy it. Certainly, if you’re buying the car privately, it can be tricky; sometimes, those selling the car won’t even know all of the information that you will need on hand. Other times, they may attempt to purposefully mislead you, as might some less reputable dealerships.

Or maybe you have nothing to do worry about, and you just really need peace of mind. This can be best accomplished through a VIN check. Unfortunately, many drivers are not even aware that they can conduct VIN checks on their own, never mind what that process would entail. With that being said, let’s look into what a VIN check is in the first place, before looking into how you can have it done.

What Is A VIN Check?

A VIN check is essentially a way of checking up on a vehicle’s history through its Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. A 17-digit number, you can compare a vehicle’s VIN to a person’s social security number. Every car has a VIN assigned to it in order to make it easier for people to access vehicle history reports. Essentially, VIN checks provide compilations of the car’s history, from accidents that it has been in over the past years to potential crimes that it might be associated with. If the car that you’re thinking about buying has ever been stolen, this check will let you know. The checks are comprehensive, within reason. If for example, a car was in an accident that went unreported by the previous owner, this will not show up on the check’s report. For that matter, there are different types of checks available. You can get a limited VIN check for free, but there are also more extensive checks available through companies that will charge a fee.

Why Should I Invest In A VIN Check?

You may be wondering why you should invest in a more extensive VIN check when a free check is available. The fact is that the more extensive the check, the safer you will be when buying your vehicle. With less extensive checks, there is a lot of information that can fall to the wayside and go unreported. You may miss information on the extensiveness of a vehicle’s prior accident, which regardless of repairs made could affect its reliability in the future. More extensive checks also advise on a car’s prior performance, potential safety issues, warranties, and much more. Some can also prevent you from wasting money, as they’ll give a history of when the car has previously gone up for sale and what it sold for. Furthermore, some VIN checks will also alert you to potential titling issues. If the car has a salvaged or branded title, a check will let you know. A lot of ownership issues can come up when you buy a car with a salvaged or branded title, yet you can easily do so without realizing what you’re stumbling into.

Ultimately, buying a car, even a used car, means committing a lot of money to a vehicle and potentially damaging your credit if you take out a loan to pay for a bad car. Conducting these checks is for your safety, and your peace of mind!

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6 Questions a Vehicle History Report Can Help You Answer

Used car sales have been on the rise during the last seven years. In 2019 alone, 40.8 million units found new buyers. But while a used car can be an affordable solution for many, a crucial step in any used car purchase is a VIN check.

Vehicle history reports provide a volume of useful information that guides buyers in making the right decision. A quick online VIN lookup might reveal some red flags about the vehicle you intend to buy. In some cases, it can keep you from making a huge mistake.

Here are six questions an online VIN check can help you answer.

1. What is The Vehicle’s Accident History?

There are, on average, six million car accidents recorded in the United States every year. Vehicle history reports can show the number of collisions the car has been involved in, as well as their severity. Online VIN check providers gather data from state DMVs, insurance companies, law enforcement, and repair shops to compile an accident history report. The report may also have documentation of major repairs done on the vehicle following an accident.

2. What is the Auto’s Title History?

A title history lookup can reveal whether the vehicle’s title has been branded. It can point out if the car was ever totaled and rebuilt or was the subject of a lemon law case. A salvage title indicates that an auto insurer classified the vehicle as a total loss, but an individual conducted sufficient repairs to get it back on the road. The title branding may significantly impact the value of the car.

3. How Many Individuals Previously Owned the Vehicle?

Single-owner cars tend to attract higher prices at the dealership than vehicles with multiple owners. Vehicle history reports can help you determine the number of previous car owners. A VIN search with the Nation Insurance Crime Bureau may provide information on whether the vehicle has been reported stolen and has yet to be recovered.

4. Does the Car Have Any Open Recalls?

Part of the car ownership journey is to deal with recall notices from the manufacturer. Some owners tend to ignore the alerts, while other notifications get lost in between ownership changeovers. Vehicle history reports can indicate any recalls issued and whether the car received the necessary repairs.

5. Where and When Was the Vehicle Inspected and Registered?

A VIN search will reveal when the vehicle first entered service, as well as any time it changed ownership. All states require that cars have registrations renewed regularly. The car also undergoes emissions and safety inspections and other checks periodically. An Online VIN report may help point out gaps in the vehicle’s history.

6. What is the Vehicle’s Service History?

Online VIN checks can show service records for major repairs and periodic maintenance. You can access information on simple maintenance services such as oil changes if the shop provides the data to VIN report providers. It can give you a generalized view of how well the previous owner looked after their car.

Comprehensive vehicle history reports are essential for buyers who intend to purchase used cars. Online VIN lookups provide useful information on the car’s condition and value before you drive it off the dealer’s lot. Learn more about any vehicle via the VinHistoryUSA Instant VIN check.

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Learn More About Any Vehicle With Online VIN Lookup

An online VIN lookup is a very valuable tool for anyone that is considering making a vehicle purchase. Being able to look up a vehicle’s history, including accident reports, and how many owners that vehicle has had, can help you to make informed decisions.

VIN lookup online can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can get a full vehicle accident report and even vehicle repossession lookup from the same easy to use source.

Why Check With an Online VIN Lookup Before You Buy?

As a consumer having the power to negotiate is vital. To negotiate effectively you need to ensure that you have the right information. A quick VIN lookup can supply you with the information that is needed to give you the power to negotiate.

Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating pricing, and terms. Online VIN lookup is the easiest way to do a VIN check and gather the information you need right on the spot.

Its Reliable

Of course, to gain all the benefits from a VIN lookup you need to use a reliable service that can be depended on. The vehicle history report can contain errors if you do not use a reliable service to get that information.

VIN lookup from a reliable source is a must to learn what you need to about your potential purchase. Not every source can provide you with trusted information, so you do have to choose your source wisely.

Why Do You Need to Know?

Being a savvy consumer is vital to cost savings. A savvy consumer does their research and takes the steps necessary to know exactly what they are getting into. A vehicle is a big investment, ensuring that you know exactly what you are buying is important for your bottom line.

With a VIN lookup tool you can save money, and potentially avoid getting stuck with a vehicle that needs extensive repairs and attention. It can help make the process stress free. Instead of worrying about whether you are getting a great deal, you can have the information in hand that will tell you whether or not you are getting a great deal.

Do yourself a favor before you make that buying decision do a VIN search to learn more about what you are buying. Your wallet will appreciate it.

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What To Look For When Running A Vehicle History Report

Buying a car is oftentimes a tumultuous task. You go to multiple dealerships to ensure you are getting the very best price available, and ensure the vehicle is in good working order. However, one of the most important aspects of purchasing a car is running a vehicle history report. A vehicle history report allows the buyer to see if the vehicle had any accidents or if anything is wrong with the title. This is important, as the history of the car can greatly impact your ownership experience.

What To Look For When Running A Vehicle Health Report

The vehicle identification number or VIN number is 17 digits, and can tell you the detailed history of a particular vehicle. A vehicle’s VIN number is like a social security number for cars. The VIN number can tell you about auto title history or a vehicle accident report, which are both important aspects when deciding to purchase a vehicle. With the internet, a VIN lookup is easier than ever with a vehicle history report online.

If The Vehicle Was Involved In Any Major Accidents

One of the first aspects of purchasing a car is finding out if the vehicle has had any major accidents, and if it was repaired by a reputable body shop. This is important, as if proper repairs were not made, it could lead to various issues in the future. For this aspect alone, the VIN number lookup gives car buyers added peace of mind.

Verifies The Mileage

Unfortunately, some car dealers or independent sellers will attempt to roll back a car’s mileage in order to get more money from the sale. However, with an online vehicle history report, you can get the exact mileage of the car to ensure the mileage on the odometer is correct. This is important, as you may have paid more than the market price for a car with high miles. In this instance, a vehicle history report is critical to protecting the car buyer from fraud.

How Many Have Owned The Car Previously

A vehicle history report can also tell a buyer how many previous owners the car had throughout its lifetime. This can help the buyer assess which the location the car spent most of its life, and how long each owner kept the car.

Title History

A car’s title is another important aspect of a vehicle history search, as it allows you to see if the car was ever totaled by insurance and rebuild through a salvage title. This can severely impact the value of the car, and lead to unexpected cost later on. Furthermore, it prevents someone from trying to sell a car with a fake title, or if they choose not to disclose the information to the buyer.

Service History

Many online vehicle history reports will show when major servicing was done to the vehicle, such as a rebuild transmission or other essential part. This will give the buyer an idea of the car’s maintenance status, and allow them to assess what may need repairs in the future. Furthermore, it allows the buyer to know if the repairs were made by a reputable repair technician.

Buying a vehicle can be a difficult and complicated process, however, it is essential to run a vehicle history report, as it can help save you a headache later on. Furthermore, running a vehicle history check allows you to ensure you are dealing with an honest seller, and be sure of a car’s condition before purchasing.