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8 Way to Improve Your Car Mileage


You can always do a VIN mileage check, but let us show you the best way to improve your car mileage.

Maintain good health for your engine

Car maintenance is one of the best ways you can improve your car’s mileage. Cars with clogged filters will use more fuel. Dirty filters will reduce airflow and lower the oxygen content. The car engine will then compensate by consuming more fuel because it has to generate more power to cover the same amount as a clean filter.

Reduce the car’s load

Are you looking for ways to increase car mileage?
This second tip is a huge help. You can save fuel by removing bulky or extra items from your home. You may not realize that 100 pounds can decrease gas mileage by 11%. Smaller cars are more susceptible to these problems. You can reduce fuel consumption by not putting too much weight on your car. You can also check car history to learn how good your vehicle is.

Make sure to use the correct engine oil

You need to make sure that you use the right engine oil grade. This directly affects the engine’s mileage. This information will be provided in your vehicle manual.

Take it easy with your pedal

If you are still searching for ‘how to increase car gas mileage’, take it easy. You will waste more gas if you speed, brake, and accelerate quickly. Poor driving habits can also impact fuel economy by 15%-30%. Follow this guideline to see if it helps.

Keep the right air pressure

The correct air pressure is directly related to a car’s fuel economy. A decrease in tyre pressure indicates that the road and tyre contact area is greater than the normal limit. The friction between the rubber of the tyres and the road increases, which results in more fuel consumption. Over-inflated tires reduce fuel consumption but decrease grip and resistance to aquaplaning. This is why it’s important to maintain the optimal air pressure in your tyres.

Avoid over-revving

Exceeding revs can adversely affect your mileage. Hard acceleration consumes more fuel. If you want to increase your car’s mileage and reduce fuel consumption, slow down and accelerate gradually.

Make sure you use your gears correctly

To get high mileage, it is important to change gears correctly. This is true for both automatic and manual transmission cars. You will save fuel by using the right gear.

Check your wheel alignment

Vehicle alignment can have a negative impact on fuel economy and car mileage. An incorrect alignment can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency of up to 10%. It can also cause premature wear on tyres. Uneven tyres can be caused by vibrations in the steering wheel, which could lead to lower car mileage. To ensure that your tyres are correctly balanced and aligned, you should inspect them closely or visit a garage. Also, do not forget to do a recall check by VIN to learn more about your vehicle.