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What is a VIN? Here is Everything You Should Know

A VIN is a unique 17-character number composed of numbers and letters for an individual vehicle. Like fingerprints, it is VINs are similar to fingerprints. VIN is an identification number that is unique over the lifetime of a car: no two vehicles have the exact VIN. However, cars manufactured prior to 1981 may have VINs that differ in length from 11-17 characters. Just like a free title number lookup, you can do a VIN lookup to learn the hidden details of the vehicle. 

Why Is It Important?

VINs are essential when it comes to buying a second-hand car. By using the VIN you are able to search for any car online and find out if there’s any outstanding cash owed to the vehicle, an essential aspect to know since loans are typically made to the vehicle itself regardless of whether it has been registered and then given new plates.


You can also determine whether the vehicle was involved in an accident with serious consequences that could result in its being unsafe or if the vehicle was reported previously as stolen. You can also look over the history of the readings on the odometer to make sure that the odometer isn’t been altered. If you can wait to gain more information, you can use car serial number decoder to confirm the information. 

In addition, you can use the VIN to find out the history of the manufacture of any car. The first character represents where the car was manufactured 1, 4, and 5 are five states in the United States, for example, the US of A, and K signifies that the vehicle was built in Korea and J is for Japan.

The VIN can also assist you to determine if a vehicle is susceptible to recall by the manufacturer. If there is recalls for a specific model or brand the manufacturer will set up a website or other system to allow users to input the VIN to determine if the automobile is not affected.

Where Can You Find It?

The VIN is typically found in two different ways: in the vehicle’s documents, like titles, registration as well as insurance documents, and in the actual vehicle. The VIN could be found in various places within the car. It’s usually over the steering wheel, in the lower-left corner of the dashboard. However, it could be located within the well for the rear wheels under the spare tire, in the doorjamb for the driver, or behind the block of the engine.

If you’re struggling to find the VIN for your vehicle, check the manual for drivers or conduct an online search for the specific model. If you purchase a car either old or new, note down or take a photo of the car’s VIN and store it in a secure place. If your car ever gets taken away or is lost and you are not able to locate it, keeping the VIN in your possession will make it easier for making a police report, and can assist law enforcement officials in finding and locating your vehicle.

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A Few Things to Know Before Purchasing a Used Car

Buying a used car is exciting. There are many things you need to know before making a purchase. It is wise to learn a few free car facts in order to make your decision easier. Here are a couple of things we would like to mention for you to read to make your purchase a bit wiser. Now, let us jump into it without wasting much time. 

What Person Should I Buy From? 

If you know the seller, the customer-to-customer option is the best. You have more flexibility to set a fair price because there is no middleman to make quick money. You can also find private sellers through classifieds on websites and in newspapers. Don’t buy the car at face value. Do all necessary checks and do some running around for the vehicle transfer.

What Should My Homework Contain? 

Be sure to check that the car you’re considering is suitable for your needs and provides a smooth ownership experience. Ask for feedback and speak with other owners to find out about the running costs and potential problems. Also, what is the cost of maintenance and spares?

Once you have made your decision on the car that you want, it is time to do some research before starting negotiations. Learn about the current market rates for the vehicle that interests you. Prices can vary depending on the year of manufacture, variant, condition, and even color. You should also familiarize yourself with the features and variants of your car. This will help you spot any potential problems. When you are in the shop, check if a car is stolen free with the help of a vehicle identification number to be safe. 

What is My Budget? 

Decide how much money you are willing to spend and the extent of your budget. It is easy to be tempted by salespeople to buy more cars or better features. It’s up to the buyer to remain calm and vigilant during the buying process. If you’re looking for finance, be aware that the interest rates on used car loans can be higher than those for new cars. This could mean you pay more than the sticker price. Short-term loans with lower interest rates are best if finance is your main concern. For loan options, check with your bank. You might be able to get a lower interest rate by using an overdraft for your fixed deposit.

Should I Trust These Guys? 

Brokers and sales personnel are typically smooth operators, who can sweet-talk buyers to make purchases that they might not be interested in. They will often go to great lengths to convince customers to pay their sales commissions. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Pay attention to what they say, how it is said, facial expressions, and even the tone of their voice

How Old Should A Car Be? 

Prices for new cars tend to drop sharply after three years and then values tend to plateau. This is the best time to buy a used car. A two- to three-year-old purchase will have experienced the majority of its depreciation, but it will still be in good condition if maintained well. If a warranty or extended warranty still applies, it may help to keep repair costs down in the event of defective parts. High mileage models should be checked carefully as they may have suffered more wear and tear. It’s best not to buy cars older than five years old as they might need repairs.

How Do You Barge With these Guys? 

Remember that you are the customer and the customer is the king. Don’t be afraid to bargain, don’t hesitate to ask for more, and always stick with the price that you think the product is worth. Give a solid reason why. Pay attention to what counters are thrown at you. These counters could include logic that is obvious, emotions, anger, pleas, stories of loss, and so on. But don’t give up. It is an acceptable tactic. You don’t have to lower the price. Instead, tell them that you are ready to close the deal immediately. Don’t hesitate to give your card to them and then walk away. You will likely get a call back sooner than you think.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

If you want to buy a used car then there are some mistakes you need to avoid. “My Vehicle History”  reports are one of the things you should get when you are buying a used vehicle. By doing so, you will learn the hidden details of the vehicle, which will help you to make the best decision about purchasing the vehicle. Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Making Your Budget work

A used vehicle market is filled with many choices and if you don’t have your budget in place it is possible to spend more than you intend to. Set a budget, and then begin searching for the vehicle you’re looking for.

The decision to not purchase a vehicle based on your needs

There are people who get carried away by the price of an automobile that may seem appealing to their eyes but isn’t suitable for the purpose they are using it for daily use. There’s more than is seen when looking for a second-hand car, so first think about your goals and needs, and then look for the car that meets the majority of them. Get VIN History Reports to learn about the history of the vehicle. It will tell you if the vehicle is good for your needs.

Do not take a test drive

It is among the biggest errors that people make. When buying a brand new car, taking a test drive is an accepted method of testing the car’s capabilities. But when you are buying used vehicles, it is necessary to determine whether the car is functioning properly for the specific model or not. Most people do not go on tests or the seller fails to offer one. If this is the case, it is recommended to insist on taking a test drive.

Financial mismanagement

Cars that are used will charge more interest when compared to brand new ones in the event that you buy them with a loan. If you’ve set your budget, but you have no notion of the amount of interest that will be added to it, it can create an unnecessary cost to your monthly budget.

It is not confirming the history of its services

It is one of the most frequently made mistakes made when buying a used car by people who have little knowledge of the car generally. Used cars are subject to wear and tear during their prior use and if there’s any service history associated with the car that is not disclosed by the seller and entails significant costs to repair or rectify the car will certainly suffer a reduction in the value of the vehicle overall.

The mileage is not being checked on the vehicle

You should always verify the odometer readings of the vehicle they purchase as it is a plethora of elements relating to the use and wear of the car, its fuel efficiency, and so on. The higher the reading on the odometer, the less likely the value of resales. It is recommended to buy an automobile with less than 40,000 kilometers on the Odometer.

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Good Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car can create some confusion a bit initially. But thanks to things like vehicle identification numbers, you can be more confident while buying a used vehicle. Now, you may ask, “can I check VIN history for free?” Well, absolutely you can at Now, let us show you the best reasons to buy a used car.

Let’s get this out and out of the way. Automobiles decrease in value. There are a few instances of course, but purchasing a new car to invest in is not a good decision. Automobiles last longer and longer, yet, they have a significant loss of value at the beginning of their lives. While certain models are able to handle depreciation more effectively than others but the vast majority of consumers can expect the value of a new car to drop as much as 50 percent of its value within three years after it leaves the lot. Dad would always say, “There’s no such thing as a free meal,” and it’s true in the world of cars. Despite all the benefits that come with new cars (warranties or maintenance for free as well as low-cost financing) however, the inevitable depreciation law is still a significant expense and is a good reason to buy used.

Less Risk With Vehicle History Reports
In the event that “cars are more durable than they have ever” doesn’t convince you, then the accessibility of the vehicle’s history report could. The advent of AutoCheck and CarFax has allowed buyers to have greater security when looking at the purchase of used cars. The businesses that offer a report on the history of a vehicle relies on their sources to supply precise and current information which means that any time the vehicle is sold or is involved in an accident and is fixed, the history report must reflect this. There’s a catch of course since the incidents must be properly reported at the beginning. The best guideline is that a negative background report can prevent the buyer from buying a poor vehicle, however, a great history report will not make the need for an independent inspection insignificant. You can get absolutely free vehicle history reports with a couple of simple taps now.

Cars Last Longer Now
There’s a reason why nobody sells cars with five-digit Odometers in the present. The possibility of the CPO warranty is likely to sway some of the car-buyers who fear for their cars however, the very existence of CPO programs is a testament to the incredibly practical fact car warranties last longer than they have ever. Regarding mileage, 200,000 might not be as impressive as 100,000, however, automakers have made impressive progress. Car buyers who are buying used should be ensured to have their potential purchases checked by a mechanic. However, frequently, concerns regarding the remaining life of a used vehicle need to be removed.

Each year, around 350 models are on sale on the market for new cars within the United States, but if you’re looking for variety in your life, then consider the used-car market that’s worthy of that of Emeril Lagasse’s home. 350 models might seem like a lot however, this number is actually reduced by the sheer number of models on the used car market. There are many different preferences and perhaps the car you’re interested in has been discontinued. The used market is a great option. There aren’t a lot of small pickups available today however, the used market will have Ford Rangers and Chevy S-10s. What about a vintage hatchback? It’s the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevy HHR are the best choices. Are you looking for a rear-wheel drive, V8-powered station wagon that has wood panels? Well…you can get the image.

Less Money More Car
This is the reason why buying used cars could be more enjoyable than preparing for a brand new car. Due to the dreaded depreciation, the money you’ve put into it can be used to buy a lot more on the used market for cars than if were to purchase a brand new one. The budget you have may allow just a basic trim or entry-level model in the market today If you shop for used cars, the same amount could buy you something higher-end or more luxurious.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car

Before you buy a used vehicle, there are a few things you should know. Doing a VIN Check free indeed makes buying a used vehicle less risky, but there are still a few disadvantages to buying a used car. In this blog, we will have a look at various pros and cons of buying a used car.

This is the new Kia Sonet. Prices aren’t known at this time, but if we take into account the exact calculation the estimate is that the value of a car is reduced to nearly 50 percent. The first year is approximately 20 percent. This means that if you purchase a used vehicle that was introduced a few years ago, then you may get a discount of up to 20% off the original price. Since the majority of people use their cars less frequently in the initial year, if they’re willing to let them go then you’ll surely be able to grab the bargain!

Lower Loan Amount
One of the most obvious advantages over the cons and pros of purchasing a used vehicle is that you can purchase the vehicle at a lower cost, which means you can take out a loan for less amount, and consequently you’ll pay a lower interest rate also! You can think of this advantage in connection with the other one, however, we’ll explain the ways this could be also a disadvantage. Also, you can make things less risky by doing a VIN Number free check and finding out the hidden information of the car to make the decision easier for you. The more details you have, the easier it will be to bargain, and the less amount of loan you will have to pay!

You may find a dealer or an individual, or YouTubers who promote cars priced below 50k. We’ve even put together a list of cars available for sale under 50,000 however, they aren’t available suitable to purchase and make use of to commute on a daily basis. In general, these vehicles are not lemons. They appear nice from the outside, but they could cause you to incur huge repair expenses while using them. The same is true for the cheapest luxury cars available. Be an informed buyer and ensure you are aware of every aspect before purchasing.

High-Interest Rates
In the previous section, we explained that you should take out a loan for a smaller amount simply because the cost of the vehicle isn’t that high. However, banks and loan lenders typically charge a higher rate of interest for a second-hand car loan than on new car loans. There have to be higher rates of return, and here’s the problem. You could reduce the amount you pay for the principle however you can’t save on interest rates.

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Precautions To Take While Buying A Used Car

If you have decided to buy a used vehicle, there are a lot of things you need to get right. Buying a used vehicle is not an easy thing. It is not brand new, which means you cannot be confident about its quality, mileage,  etc. A lot of people get overexcited and forget to take precautions before buying a used vehicle, and we certainly do not want you to be one of them. In this article, we will provide you with some precautions to take while buying a used car, such as travel trailer VIN number lookup, etc., which will ensure that the vehicle you are buying is really good. 

Keep A Car Mechanic With You

We understand that you are buying a used vehicle because you do not want to spend extra cash on a new one. You are trying to save as much money as you can, and we are with you in this. But if you are not an expert, then you must keep the company of a mechanic while checking out the car. The expert can notice even minor details and warn you if anything goes wrong. It is true you will have to spend just a little amount of money on their services, but it is far better than buying the wrong car. 

Check The Car Thoroughly

ECK THE CAR THOROUGHLY This is the part where you have to control your excitement and stay calm. You need to check every part of the vehicle and must ensure it is right. It is alright to avoid minor scratches that you can find in a used vehicle, but anything major should be alarming. This is also the part where the mechanic will be the most useful. You should also check the body rust. Try to do a DMV free license plate lookup to learn more about that vehicle. You need to confirm everything is in working condition and lasts for long enough. 

Test Drive

Taking a test drive is one of the most important things to do before purchasing a used vehicle. You need to pay attention to how the vehicle is performing when you have sat and started the vehicle. Everything should be very smooth. Check for unwanted noises. The noises will give you a clear idea of how the vehicle is performing. A test drive will provide you with a detailed analysis of how the vehicle is functioning and if it is good enough to hit the road with. Gear shifting, etc., should be completely effortless. After taking the car for the ride, feel the suspension, vibration, etc. 

Check The History

Do not forget to check the history of the vehicle as it will provide you with some extra details. You can do a VIN lookup for that. You can also do a trailer serial number lookup to learn more about the vehicle. It will uncover the hidden truths and help you choose the best vehicle. 

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What is The Importance of a Vehicle Identification Number?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number assigned to every vehicle manufactured. It is a very important thing that is attached to a vehicle as it contains a lot of information about the vehicle. The VIN is used to track the history of your vehicle. The VIN is also used to determine the vehicle title and registered owner. You can also find vehicle by VIN number.

You may be wondering how can you use this number when your vehicle is not even stolen. Well, that is what you will learn when you come to know about its importance. Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) are a crucial part of any car’s history. Knowing your car’s VIN can help you identify it, track its history, and protect it from theft. The VIN is the best thing to use when you want to buy a used vehicle. If you buy or sell a car, you need to know the VIN. You can find the VIN on the driver’s side dashboard or door post.

Vin Provides Vehicle History Reports

Knowing your car’s VIN is important for a few reasons. First, it can help you identify your car if it is stolen. Second, it can help you track your car’s history. Third, it can help you protect your car from theft. Let us focus on the history part. When you want to buy a used vehicle, you want to make sure the car is completely clean. You want to make sure there had not been a single illegal activity with the help of that vehicle. You also want to learn if the vehicle was involved in a disaster. You can check car service history online free with the use of VIN as well. If you come to know there is something wrong with your vehicle, then you can skip the idea of buying it, saving yourself from trouble in the future. But, you can only do that when you know how to use VIN well.

Other Importance of VIN

If you ever need to contact your car’s manufacturer or the registration department of your state, knowing your car’s VIN will help you identify it.
The VIN is also used to track vehicle ownership, track recalls and thefts, and perform other verifications during the manufacturing process.
The VIN is also used to generate Vehicle History Reports (VHRs) and to establish insurance rates.
The VIN is a mandatory component of the vehicle sale and lease process in the United States.

You can locate your VIN on the documents. Or you can also find it on the dashboard on the driver’s side. You can do a VIN Verification to find out your car’s specifications, etc.

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Surprising Facts About VIN



A lot of people are not aware of the vehicle identification number and its use. A vehicle identification number is a 17-digit number that carries a lot of information regarding that vehicle. It is unique for every vehicle and can help us identify the past of the vehicle. It is used a lot before buying a used car as it can help us identify the hidden information of the vehicle. If you are planning to buy a used car, then doing a VIN lookup can provide you with the history of the vehicle and help you learn about its real specs. It will also save you from scams. You can also use the VIN information for bargaining.
Well, all these things we have mentioned in the above paragraph are pretty basic. There are many other things that people do not know about VIN. So, in this article, we will provide you with some surprising facts about VINs. So, let us jump into it without wasting much time.


We all know that there are 17 digits in the vehicle identification number. In order to get the information about the vehicle, we have to decode this number. But people who are experts in decoding VIN do not actually decode every digit. They do not do that because it is too expensive. So, the main aim of most of the decoders is to decode the digits that are present in the position of 1 to 8 and then jump to 10 and 11.
It is all about requiring the VIN pattern because that is the main thing that contains basic vehicle information, such as year, make, model, etc. If you want to get precise and detailed information, you will certainly have to spend more. But for basic information and doing basic things, such as check title status free, etc., only requires basic decoding services.


Well, this one is the most surprising fact about VIN. We all believe that every VIN is 17-digit long. But vehicles that were made before the year 1981 do not have 17-digit long VIN numbers. One of the main reasons for that is there never used to be any strict VIN standards at that time. The VIN format was no such thing back then. So, the number of digits used varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. When VIN was created initially in the 1950s, their length used to be around 8-10 characters long. The information they used to contain was also less. They could only tell about model year, assembly plant, and other basic information.
But it all changed in the later years. VIN became very important and now it is widely used as well. A lot of people use VIN to maintain their vehicles properly. VIN is used before buying a used vehicle, as well. But earlier, there were not many uses of it and that is why there was less important of it.


We use VIN online before buying a used vehicle to learn about the history of the vehicle. The history of the vehicle allows us to learn if there had been any illegal activity done by using this vehicle. It also tells us about the disaster damage, odometer rollbacks, and whatnot. Knowing the VIN history is very important to learn about the hidden facts of the vehicle that many sellers try to hide in order to sell the vehicle at a high price. When you search for a vehicle history online with the help of VIN, then the website is using many sources to provide you with that information. So, VIN decoders do not tell the history of the vehicle because the history is actually tied to the VIN, and not really encoded in it.


There is a lot of logic required to decode the VIN. The VIN decoders have to keep updated with the latest model years, model releases, etc. The prices do update as well. And that is why they have to keep updating their databases.

If you do not know how to run a VIN Number to identify your vehicle information, then it is very easy. Just go to any VIN decoding website and enter your VIN and hit the search tab!

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Here is how you can increase your car’s life

Getting the most out of your vehicle is not easy. It will require you to do some work and taking regSAular care of your vehicle. These days, people are busy doing other activities that they cannot get enough time to take care of their vehicles. But this needs to be changed as soon as possible. In order to increase the life of your vehicle, you will have to start taking care of it. It will involve making sure every part of your vehicle is working properly, your car is not rusty, etc. You will also have to do a VIN Runner to learn everything about your vehicle. So, let us have a look at the tips that you can follow to take care of your vehicle. 

Keep Your Car Polished

We know that it is hard work, but it is completely worth it. Keeping your car polished is one of the best ways to keep it healthy. It is just like you are bathing your car. It keeps all the dust away from its exterior and other remains. It helps you avoid unnecessary pains, bird remains, etc., that can damage your car’s beauty. Also, it helps you keep the moisture away which can make your car’s body rust. You can apply two or three times wax per year in order to avoid that situation. 

Make sure you enjoy cleaning your car, and if you have bought a used vehicle, then do a lien-free car title search in order to make sure you get a healthy vehicle. So, you do not have to spend an extra amount in order to make your vehicle shine.

Protect Your Car’s Front

It is an important step for taking care of your car. When you are driving a lot on the highways, then it is possible small insects may hit your vehicle’s front at high speed. If this happens, then it can damage the car’s front and create a problem for you. It can also damage the grille and bumper of your car. The best way to avoid this is to apply tape on your vehicle’s front before you go on a highway, etc. The transparent tape will provide you with a lot of security. 

Check Tyre Pressure

We face a lot of moments when we are just ready to go, and we find the tires of our car with no air inside it. So, it is crucial to check your car’s pressure before you go with your vehicle. 

If you have bought a used vehicle and are not aware of its history, then you can do a free vehicle owner lookup to get information regarding its owner and other important information about the vehicle. It will help you to take care of your vehicle well 

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Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Buying a vehicle is not an easy financial decision. You will have to spend a lot of your savings and earnings. And that is why many people research a lot and find car value by VIN in order to find the real value. A few people try to save some money by buying a used vehicle. But a few people think the opposite. They are ready for some extra savings in order to buy a brand new vehicle. Which one is right? Should you buy a new or used car? In this article, we will try to find out the answer. Let us jump into it without using much time. 

A Few Things to Remember 

Here are some of the main points that come to people’s minds when they think about buying a used or brand new car: 

1. People want to buy used cars because they are updated with the latest features, whether they are related to security or technology. The new vehicle is going to be reliable, and that is why people are ready to pay some extra cash. 

2. Used cars are cheap because they have already been used. The more a vehicle is used, the less its price tag will be. A used car is also likely to be less reliable. And there are possibilities of some scratches, etc.  

3. People think of maintenance costs, repairing costs, gas, etc., before making the decision of purchasing a used or brand new vehicle. They also think about safety features, and how many years the car can be with them. 

Buying a New Car

If we talk about the advantages of buying a used car, then there is no denying it is good to go with the user if you are financially stable enough. The new car is going to be better in everything due to the latest safety features and comfort it will bring. You will not have to look for a cheap car history report because the vehicle is brand new. But one thing that holds people back from buying a new car is its price. A lot of people are not ready enough to spend those extra amounts, so they end up buying used vehicles. Also, your car is not going to be new forever. It will eventually get scratches, etc., which will make it look like a used one. 

Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is not a bad idea at all. When we think about cars, we want a vehicle that can help us move from one place to another, and a used car does that very well. But it is all about the lack of the latest features and sometimes you will have to make a compromise. Do a free VIN Check, Oregon before buying a used vehicle in Oregon due to the increasing number of scams there.