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How to Turn off the Tire Pressure Light?


When you check out VIN Number and buy a vehicle, that is not the end of your responsibilities. You still have to learn a lot about the vehicle. In this article, we will find out how to turn off the tire pressure light.

Hold and press the button for TPMS.

Certain cars are equipped with a TPMS switch, but not all. If you’re lucky enough to possess one, it’s normally situated under the dash, near the wheel. If the ignition is in position, hold and press the button for at most three seconds. After that, the TPMS light starts blinking. After that, you’ll have to drive the vehicle for around 20 minutes to allow the sensors to recalibrate.

Maintain a speed of 50 mph for at most 10 minutes

In a lot of cars, the TPMS light will remain on even after you’ve set the pressure. The sensors may be asleep and you’ll have to drive to communicate via the unit. Drive your car on the interstate for about a 10-minute drive or so to wake them up and communicate with each other. You can also do an auto history check free to find out how much the vehicle has traveled.

Replace a damaged sensor or battery

With sensors TPMS, the battery cells could be depleted of power after 5-10 years of usage. Certain batteries can be replaced, while others need an entirely new sensor. It is usually done by getting the tire off of the rim and replacing the sensor inside the stem for the valve. After swapping the new sensor and battery repeat the steps above to ensure it is trained properly.

Install your original wheels

If you bought an aftermarket set of wheels for winter, summer, or simply a change in fashion, they may not have sensors in the first place. There are two options on ways to turn the light on your tire to turn off: install four sensors, or put your original wheel back in. There’s no way to disable TPMS completely.

Perform a TPMS sensor retrain procedure

If your car does not come with a TPMS switch, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have access to a reset or retraining procedure. Sometimes, it’s hidden within the menus.

For some carmakers like Honda, this process may be included in the in-dash menu as the calibrating TPMS. For other brands, such as Ford it is possible to push the hazard switch 6 times before adjusting the pressure of each tire. One alternative is to search YouTube to find out how to switch off the light on the tire pressure by using your vehicle’s year, year-old, make and model.

Reconnect the battery and disconnect it

If you’re at the end of the tunnel and all other options have failed attempt to unplug the battery. When you take out the battery’s negative cable and allow your car to discharge its remaining charge, it may cause your vehicle’s components to make a reset. If you reconnect your battery, your goal is that the module will find and connect to the sensors for TPMS.

Next time you get a vehicle history report DMV, make sure you get all other information that can be useful for you about the vehicle.